Lubricants are complex

How do you know you’re getting the right fit for your application when the: 

  • Options are unlimited 
  • Price range is vast 
  • Science is constantly changing 

Partnering for success.

  • Top-of-line products

    Top-of-line products

    Our lubricants are designed by experts who know exactly what your equipment needs. A perfect fit gives you the best value with extended drain intervals and highest efficiency – every time.

  • Personal service

    Personal service

    Every lubricant comes with:

    Access to experts who will guide you to the right product

    Free oil analysis program that monitors the health of your oil and your machine

  • Industry expertise

    Industry expertise

    Since 1982, we’ve developed more than 500 products to serve industrial applications – and have adapted to grow and meet the needs of a changing world.

A powerful combination that will take your operation farther

Our top-of-the-line synthetics are available for almost any and every industrial application

Your equipment is only as good as the quality of its lubricant. Put the future of your business in the hands of a product built on decades of expertise, known for quality and backed by the best service in the business.

Cleaning processes that once took days can now only take hours with Summit’s line of safe, effective degreasers and descalers

Our selection of chemicals are built to handle the toughest industrial applications and are engineered to help keep your equipment running cleaner, longer. They offer: Significant return on investment, machines become more efficient and last longer. Valuable time saved!

Dispose of your air compressor condensate safely, effectively – and without the hassle of hiring a third-party disposal company. Oil-Water Separators

Everyone knows that oil and water don't mix. But what happens when they do and you need to get them separated? We have your solution.

Simple to use; simple to get

  • What do you need? A solution? A specific product? Just fill out this form or call +1 903 534 8021
  • We’ll connect you with the right product and right distributor for your industry
  • Gain peace of mind. Your systems are running smoothly and efficiently because you have the right product and service at the right value
  • Summit Lubrication - Partnering for success


    A lubricant has one job: keep its machine running as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, not every lubricant does its job well. We’ve seen firsthand how lubricant mistakes can cost businesses time, money and equipment. The good news is there’s a better way.

    Summit’s synthetics not only get the job done, but they come with the unbeatable advantage of personal, accessible service. Say goodbye to wondering if your lubricant is being applied at the right time, in the right conditions, and on the right equipment. Choose quality, service, and expertise and enjoy a successful, predictable result.

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