Compressor lubrication provides essential support at the heart of refrigeration systems. As code and regulatory changes continue to reshape the refrigeration industry, businesses are challenged to rethink what goes into their systems. Evolutions in equipment and system design demand high quality lubricants to maximize product life and operational efficiency.

Quality Solutions for Evolving Challenges

  • Better results: The phasing out of once prominent refrigerants brings new challenges that require new lubricant solutions. We’ve replaced the excessive oil carryover and sludge formation common in naphthenic lubricants with more effective, highly refined solutions. 
  • Carefully engineered: Building the right lubricant requires three things: 1) data from the field, 2) the right testing equipment and 3) the right people. We have seasoned experts in state-of-the-art labs analyzing data from all over the world, making sure the lubricant you trust in your refrigeration system is not a guess, it’s an exact science.  
  • Money savings: We offer a full range of products that exhibit key properties essential to extending the life of your equipment and reducing the total cost of ownership. 
  • Expertise included: All our refrigeration compressor lubricants come with expert personal and accessible service so you know our lubricants are being applied at the right time, in the right conditions, and on the right equipment. 

Find your solution

We offer a full range of refrigeration compressor lubricants with different base stocks, additives and viscosities to service all types of compressors in any environment.  

Our lubricants come in: 

  • Quarts
  • Gallons
  • Pails
  • Drums
  • Totes
  • Bulk

Summit Packaging Options

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  • Summit’s growing portfolio of refrigeration compressor lubricants rises to the ever-changing challenges in the marketing and offers the assurance of product solutions for any application. Find out how by downloading our refrigeration brochure. 


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