Article-No: 340306 PUMP SEAL OIL

Summit PSO-LT is formulated to meet the strictest ammonia transfer pump seal lubrication requirements for all pumping temperatures <32ºF and 32ºF & higher. It is a 100 % PAO-Polyalphaolefin synthetic sulfur-free pump seal oil that is registered H1 as an NSF food grade lubricant. Summit PSO-LT optimizes low solubility and very low miscibility with R717-anhydrous ammonia along with excellent water separation (demulsibility) properties,  complete inertness (low reactivity) in the presence of ammonia and excellent protection against rust, oxidation, corrosion and deposit formation.  Summit PSO-M is an alternative  recommendation where low pumping temperatures are not required. Summit PSO-LT and PSO-M are compatible with naphthenic oils, as well as other PAO & AB synthetic oils, thus eliminating the need for system flushes or complicated conversions.


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