Summit features a state of the art lab with the latest testing equipment on site at our plant in Tyler, Texas. Our highly experienced staff makes sure that the products being produced in and leaving our facility are of the highest quality.

Research and Development


The research and development department at Summit never rests. We approach new product development and all product updates with a commitment to identifying and implementing the latest in additives and technology. Since our business began in 1982, we have made a name for ourselves by offering the highest quality products and that conviction has only grown stronger as we’ve grown in size and reach. Summit’s R&D department is continuously experimenting with ways to make our line of more than 200 lubricants better and create new products that can more efficiently protect the machines that run the industrial world.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Every blend in our plant is immediately sent to Summit’s quality control lab technicians, who put that product through a series of tests to confirm that the product we’re sending you is consistent with the specifications lined out on the product data sheet. Having that capability only a short hallway from the plant floor where the products are blended gives Summit the opportunity to get over 99 percent of the orders shipped within 24 hours of when it was placed.

Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis

Summit considers the purchase of our oil as only a first step in keeping your machines healthy. In fact, we suggest you send us an oil sample for analysis before you put in Summit’s product. An oil sample can tell you a lot not only about the state of the oil, but the state of your machine. In many cases, problems can be identified and corrected early in the process, which will not only extend the life of your oil but could possibly save your machine from failure.

Because Summit considers your use of our oil as a partnership in which we are not successful unless you are successful, we offer our oil analysis program at no cost to the customer. We provide the sample kits, the mailer and the instructions, you just provide the oil. Most oil analysis reports are posted online and sent via email within 48 hours of when the sample reached our office. For more information on Summit’s oil analysis program and how you can get involved, please contact us.

Lab Benefits

  • In house R&D
  • On-site quality control
  • Cuting edge technology
  • Quick turnaround

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