Summit’s degreasers are ideal for industrial cleaning. These super-concentrated formulas are designed to melt through the dirtiest and oiliest projects you can find. This includes oil rigs, conveyors, engines, ovens, deep fat fryers, vats and other greasy, carbon-encrusted parts.

Powerful Industrial Cleaners

  • Tough: Our degreasers are formulated to clean the toughest situations. These degreasers have seen some things – and cleaned some things – that looked like they had no hope left in them.

  • Environmentally friendly: Don’t compromise the environment to get things clean. Both our degreasers are water-based and biodegradable. 

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Our degreasers can get the job done in any size.

Our chemicals come in: 

  • Gallons
  • Pails 
  • 30 gal drums 
  • 55 gal drums 
  • Totes 

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EnviroTech® Green Cleaner

Advances in chemistry and technology mean a “green” cleaner is no longer a weak cleaner. EnviroTech® Green Cleaner is a powerful degreaser and is proven safe and effective to remove oil residue and hydrocarbon buildup such as grease, motor oil, tar, fuel, fats, heavy soil, and much more.

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