RHB- 32


The RHB Series is formulated from an AB-Alkylbenzene synthetic blend and designed to function under the stringent requirements of CFCs-Chlorofluorocarbon, HCFCs-Hydrochlorofluorocarbon refrigerants like R11, R12, R13, R22, R113, R114, R123, R124, R401a, R401b, R402a, R402b, R403b, R406a, R408a, R409a, R500, R502, R503; & R717 (NH3 aka ammonia) DX and liquid overfeed industrial refrigeration systems.  Besides its inherent inertness, improved system efficiency and higher productivity, the performance advantages of the RHB Series versus naphthenic oils include:

(1)    Partial miscibility and solubility with CFCs, HCFCs and ammonia for improved oil return to the compressor;
(2)    Superior system cleanliness and lubricity to reduce component wear and corrosion;
(3)    Superior chemical and thermal  stability;
(4)    Lower foaming tendency; and
(5)    Extended oil drain capability.

RHB Series is well-suited for both rotary screw and reciprocating compressors in ammonia service.  It is guaranteed to function with  evaporators operating down to –40˚C.  RHB Series is compatible with all types of seals and O-rings used in ammonia compressors including Neoprene (chloroprene), Buna-N and NBR. RHB Series is also 100% compatible with naphthenic and paraffinic mineral oils, as well as PAO and AB synthetic oils, which allows top-off over these other oils and eliminates the need for system flushes and excessive evaporator maintenance. As with all specialty lubricants, indoor storage and immediate closing of original containers after use is strongly recommended to avoid particulate and moisture contamination.

RHB- 32

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