Keep Your Air Compressor Sludge-Free and Running Smoothly with DSL Series

Summit Lubrication’s DSL Series in perfect for your reciprocating, rotary screw, or vane air compressors

Specialty air compressors often malfunction because the composition of the lubricant causes it to gunk up. It’s like an artery filling up with plaque. Too many bacon cheeseburgers and fries, and those veins become too clogged to function properly. And so it is with the caking and gunking that can occur from mineral-based lubricants, which contain countless impurities that become activated and jam up the compressor when operating at high temperatures.

This is where Summit Lubrication’s DSL Series – perfect for your reciprocating, rotary screw, or vane air compressors – really shines. This diester-based synthetic lubricant takes advantage of the latest in additive technology and features:

  • Low-temperature fluidity so you can get running faster, sooner
  • Reduced friction to help eliminate wear
  • Greater stability at higher temperatures
  • Near-total elimination of sludge buildup on valves

Summit’s DSL Series keeps your air compressor’s valves clean and running at optimal temperatures. The prevention of varnish and sludge accumulation also means that drain intervals for your compressor are extended to as many as 8,000 hours. The near-total elimination of downtime devoted to cleaning or replacing valves increases productivity and efficiency.

So whether your job calls for a centrifugal compressor, rotary screw, or rotary vane compressor, whether you need high or low-temperature lubrication – or even if the job requires a mist lubricant – Summit’s DSL Series will keep it sludge-free and running smoothly. With six different viscosities in the series, there’s a DSL that works for you.

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