Prevent Varnish and Sludge from Threatening Your Air Compressor with FG Elite Series

Summit Lubrication has the right lubricants to help you avoid costly buildup in your air compressor.

Air compressors are increasingly susceptible to failure as varnish and rust develop. An excess of sludge or debris increases the strain on the overall system. Eventually, the buildup becomes too much, and your compressor stops working altogether, costing you money in downtime and repairs.

Summit Lubrication has the right lubricants to help you avoid costly buildup in your air compressor: FG Elite Series. The FG Elite Series is a food-grade solution for rotary, screw, vane and reciprocating air compressors. Made with 100% multi-synthetic base oils and performance additives, the FG Elite Series offers the latest technology, giving you the benefits of:

  • Superior protection against rust, wear and corrosion
  • Increased solvency to reduce deposit and sludge formation
  • Extended lubricant life
  • Ensured food safety (manufactured in a dedicated ISO 21469-certified facility)

Prior to the technology in Summit’s FG Elite Series, oil life was limited to 1,500–2,000 hours, resulting in the need to drain your system four times a year. With the FG Elite Series, oil life is extended to 8,000–10,000 hours with a drain interval of only once a year, allowing for a potential cost reduction of up to 85%.

No matter what stage of the food service industry your operation supplies, Summit’s FG Elite Series will keep your air compressors running year-round and varnish-free. Choose from six different viscosities to find a lubricant that is well-suited for you. 

To learn how the FG Elite Series can cut your operational costs by offering increased lubricant life and avoiding the consequences of varnish and sludge buildup, contact our experts today.

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