Run Hotter, Run Longer, With Summit Ultima

When you want your air compressors to last longer and perform more efficiently, you need a lubricant with those two qualities. That’s precisely what the Summit Ultima Series delivers.

Ultima Series a full synthetic ester, formulated to outperform traditional polyalphaolefins (PAO) and mineral-based oils – and that’s exactly what it does. 

Air compressors usually operate at a minimum of 180°F discharge temperature. Most traditional lubricants can manage those temps with drain intervals of about 8,000 hours. Problem is, many companies need compressors to run hotter than 180°F, and that kills the oil quickly. Running a compressor at only 18 degrees hotter than the typical 180°F will reduce the lubricant life. And it gets exponentially worse as the temperature rises.  

But what if your oil could perform well up to a 240°F discharge temperature without losing life AND extend drain intervals to 12,000 hour or more? 

Summit Ultima does that and more. Not only does it run hotter and longer – it boosts productivity in other ways, too: 

  • It’s compatible with other base oils, which means no need to waste time flushing your systems. 
  • It’s clean, with a unique base stock that resists oxidation, sludge and other deposits. 
  • It eliminates varnish because of its excellent solvency. 

A premium product like Summit Ultima is an investment that pays for itself by not only lasting longer, but by also boosting the efficiency of your machines and minimizing maintenance hours and costs. 

And with three ISO grades available with Ultima-32, Ultima-46 and Ultima-68, Summit has a variant that will best fit your operation’s needs. Contact Summit’s Air Compressor Market Manager Jasween Jagjit [] for more information or reach out to our office to find a Summit distributor near you.

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