Save Thousands by Using a More Energy Efficient Lubricant in Your Pump System

When looking to save money on your pump system lubrication, start with the energy bill

About 90 percent of the lifetime cost of a centrifugal pump comes from energy use. The other 10 percent includes the initial cost of the pump and all the maintenance required to keep it running.

The energy usage of pump systems is so high that it accounts for 20 percent of the total global energy consumption. With that much power being used, even the slightest gains in efficiency can result in significant savings.

CentriPump SPO and PPO Series lubricants were formulated to help pumps run efficiently, even in tough conditions. The SPO series is a full synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) with industry-leading temperature stability and water demulsibility. The PPO is a blend of premium synthetic and petroleum base oils, specially designed for centrifugal pump applications. Both products are field proven to increase uptime and lower total cost of ownership. Here are a few of the many benefits these products offer:

  • Extended oil life
  • Maximum protection against rust, corrosion, and foaming
  • Excellent sludge and deposit control
  • Superior wear protection
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Exceptional equipment protection

In one field test, we put Summit SPO up against a competitor’s mineral oil. The customer saved $158/year in energy savings alone on one pump. A typical chemical plant that has 400 pumps running 24/7 could save $63,200/year, not including potential savings from extended drain intervals, low maintenance, and longer pump life.

Contact Summit’s pump expert Ryan Wirth ( today to find out more about how Summit’s SPO and PPO Series lubricants can save your company time and money.

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