Article-No: 340484 TURBINE LUBRICANT

Summit’s CTPS Series are premium blend turbine lubricants developed for high temperature steam, gas and combined cycle applications. They are formulated for use in geared and non-geared high output turbines. CTPS Series lubricants are a combination of high quality hydrotreated petroleum basestocks combined with the highest quality synthetics used in jet turbine applications. They are formulated to avoid the need for “bleed and feed” operations that may require an additional two or three times the original oil volume as make-up oil. The synthetics in CTPS Series help keep the system free of varnish and deposits which will eliminate the need for special ionic filtration and reduces the chances of stuck servo valves in systems equipped with hydraulics. The synthetics also help reduce friction in gears which can result in significant energy savings over the life-span of the turbine. This can be especially true for integrally geared centrifugal compressors.


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