EnviroTech CO- 68 FG


EnviroTech® CO FG Series chain lubricants are specially developed, food grade chain lubricants blended from biosynthetic base oils and fortified with synthetic food grade white graphite. This unique high temperature formula lubricates at operating temperatures exceeding 1000ºC and meets U.S.D.A. 1998 (H1) guidelines for applications where incidental food contact is possible. It does not contain VOCs and will out-perform other lubricants containing molyb-denum disulfide, black graphite, or Teflon®.  In addition, EnviroTech® CO FG contains a natural self-cleaning property which cleans the buildup on chains attributable to the use of inferior chain lubricants. This superior chain lubricant provides excellent protection against wear, rust, oxida-tion, and corrosion. 

Use EnviroTech® CO FG Series for chains exposed to high service temperatures which exceed those recommended for conventional lubri-cants.  This product is ideal for oven chains used in plants which produce bread, cookies, cakes and other baked food products.  It is also suitable for can making where decorative coatings are being cured or applied. EnviroTech® CO FG can also be used in non-food grade high temperature applications.

EnviroTech CO- 68 FG

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