Article-No: 340355 GAS COMPRESSOR

Summit FTO-100 is an ISO 100 synthetic ester based lubricant designed to be used as floor test and commissioning oil for reciprocating compressors.  It is compatible with commonly used reciprocating oil base stocks including mineral, synthetic PAO, ester and PAG.  Before a PAG oil can be used in the field, incompatible oils must first be flushed from the compressor system. Compressor damage may occur if the system is not properly flushed. Summit’s FTO-100 lubricant eliminates any risk of compatibility issues from  improper flushing or by the oversight of not flushing at all. FTO-100 contains vapor phase corrosion inhibitors for long term storage. The use of Summit’s FTO-100 may eliminate the need to add extra preservative oils to the system.

Summit FTO-100 may not be compatible with some paints used in some compressor frames.


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