GEO PS-140

Article-No: 266354 NATURAL GAS ENGINES

Summit GEO PS-140 is a low ash, balanced medium TBN gas engine oil manufactured from a blend of synthetic and mineral base stocks to optimize performance at a lower operating cost versus the full synthetic formulations like Summit GEO SH (Low Ash) Series or GEO SH-140 CA. Summit GEO PS-140 isrecommended for lean or rich-burn service in two-stroke and four-stroke gas engines, naturally aspirated or  turbo-charged.  Summit GEO PS-140 is formulated with the latest in gas engine oil additive technology comprised of superior anti-wear and ant-scuff agents, oxidation & nitration inhibitors and detergent–dispersants to neutralize corrosive gas components, provide excellent protection against valve component recession or beat-in, and disperse combustion by-products for improved gas engine cleanliness and low combustion chamber deposits.

GEO PS-140

Benefits for your application

  • Significant reductions in bearing & component wear
  • Negligible nitration degradation while operating at lean (high O2 exhaust) or improved oxidation resistance under rich-burn conditions
  • Extended ODI-oil drain intervals 2 to 3 times beyond mineral-based competitors’ formulations with the use of a reputable laboratory used oil analysis service

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