Article-No: 340043 NATURAL GAS ENGINES

Summit GEO SH (Ashless) Series are unique ashless, soft medium TBN gas engine oils manufactured from the finest synthetic base oils  to optimize performance.  Summit GEO SH (Ashless) Series gas engine oils  are recommended for those two-stroke and four-stroke engines that are more sensitive or prone to fouling  from metallic detergent additives that would contribute to combustion chamber deposits, spark plug fouling or ash pounding. They can be used in lean- or rich-burn service,  naturally aspirated or turbo-charged engines.  They are formulated with the latest in gas engine oil additive technology with oxidation & nitration inhibitors and nitrogen-based, non-metallic dispersants to disperse combustion by-products for improved engine cleanliness.


Benefits for your application

  • Engine thermal efficiency improvements
  • Horsepower improvements in BHP-hr throughout the load range
  • Cleaner engine operations & clean up of old deposits
  • Significant reductions in engine component wear
  • Excellent protection against poisoning or masking of catalytic components
  • Negligible nitration degradation while operating at lean (low O2 exhaust) or improved oxidation resistance under rich-burn conditions
  • Extended ODI-oil drain intervals well beyond mineral-based competitors’ formulations with the use of a reputable laboratory used oil analysis service

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