Summit HySyn®-22 zinc-free ashless hydraulic oil is formulated from the highest quality synthetic hydrocarbons to meet the require-ments of all types of hydraulic systems. HySyn 22 is rust and oxidation inhibited and protects against the formation of sludge. It is compatible with seal materials normally used in hydraulic systems.

HySyn®-22 was specifically developed for low temperature hydraulic applications and is approved by Bucyrus International, Inc. as ahydraulic oil in their (Bucyrus-Erie) 39R, 49R, and 59R Blast Hole Drills.

Summit HySyn®-22 is primarily recommended for extended fluid and component life in extreme cold temperature applications. Included in these recommendations are applications in mobile and stationary hydraulic systems utilizing piston, vane and gear pumps operating over a wide range of pressures and temperatures.


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