Summit HySyn® FGE Series are zine-free ashless hydraulic oils formulated for use in hydraulic systems found in the Food & Beverage Industry (H1) usually in processing, beverage, and packaging lines. HySyn® FGE Series oils are fully synthetic and are produced in an ISO 21469 Certified Facility.

They also carry Kosher Approval and Halal Certification. HySyn® FGE Series oils have been designed to offer the absolute best solubility that can be found in a food grade hydraulic fluid. The enhanced solubility allows hydraulic systems to operate cleaner by reducing sludge formation from contaminants being ingested into the oil. This solubility lets valves, actuators, pumps, and other key components of a hydraulic system operate smoothly with no jerking or slowed travel of valves. HySyn® FGE Series oils are zincfree ashless oils that are compatible with seal materials used in hydraulic systems. Excellent wear and anti-corrosion properties are also important characteristics of this series.


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