Summit Lubeair air line lubricants are high-quality lubricants specially formulated for the most demanding air tool applications. There are two grades, Lubeair-32 and Lubeair-68, to handle both small and large heavy-duty applications.

Lubeair-68 is for large drills, grinders, vibrators, hand-held tools and jack hammers.

Lubeair lubricants are a special blend of hydrogenated paraffin base stocks with very low pour points.


Benefits for your application

  • Emulsification of the moisture in the compressed air to prevent rust
  • Tough extreme pressure properties to protect tools from seizure and wear and provide good adherence to wet working surfaces
  • Resistance to oxidation to prevent lost time due to gumming & varnishing
  • Proper atomization for good lubrication and optimum control of fogging

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