Article-No: 340082 SYNTHETIC BLEND

When a synthetic oil is not needed, Summit’s NGP Series highly refined petroleum based lubricants is formulated to provide some of the same benefits provided by hydrocarbon based synthetics such as PAO and PIB. The additive technology used in NGP Series enables it to outperform other mineral oil based lubricants.


Benefits for your application

  • The high viscosity index (V.I.) of NGP Series is comparable to a synthetic PAO and means a significant increase in operating temperature range over most mineral based oils. It also means a lower viscosity grade NGP Series product may be used in place of a higher viscosity mineral oil with a lower viscosity index. This can mean lower temperature flow limits and may eliminate the need for heated, pressurized day tanks and heat traced lines. It can also mean better lubricant film strength at higher cylinder and packing temperatures on reciprocating compressors
  • The pour point of NGP Series approaches that of a synthetic PAO and may be as much as 25 ºF lower than some mineral based oils. The lower limit may eliminate no flow shutdowns on cold days or the need for special tank and line heaters
  • NGP Series is made from highly purified petroleum oils that only contain trace amounts of sulfur and other impurities found in group I mineral oils. Impurities common to many mineral oil base stocks can react with components of the gas stream to form by-products harmful to the compressor system
  • NGP Series is formulated to inhibit against the corrosive effects of wet CO2 and H2S often found in gas compressor applications
  • NGP Series is tailor made for rotary screw and reciprocating gas compressor applications. It is not simply an R&O oil developed for general purpose lubrication put into gas compressor service. Both synthetics and petroleum based oils have their place in gas compressor applications. Consult with Summit’s Gas Compressor Specialist to find out which product is right for your application

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