Summit PGS®-2-68, PGS®-2 & PGS® -3 synthetic lubricants are polyglycol-based products for use in rotary screw gas compressors requiring the highest level of resistance to hydrocarbon dilution. Extreme conditions demand the unique properties of these fluids.  These products when compared to petroleum-based lubricants provide better wear protection, reduced sludge and reduced deposit formation to ensure enhanced performance.

When used in rotary compressors with high concentrations of hexane and heavier hydrocarbon vapors, the resistance to thinning by hydrocarbon dilution allows these products to maintain the proper operating viscosity, extending drain intervals and parts life.  Because of the varying make-up of gases and operating temperatures, please contact your Summit representative for specific product recommendations.

As PGS®-2-68, PGS®-2 & PGS®-3 lubricants are incompatible with petroleum oils, care should be taken to make sure they are not mixed.
Physical Properties


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