Article-No: 320754 SumTech® EMB FG-150 is a full synthetic ISO 150 polyurea grease specifically designed for the food service, beverage and packaging industries.

It is extremely robust and versatile in diverse applications, while providing outstanding protection from rust, corrosion and wear. Registered as NSF H1, the organic polyurea thickener system contains no metal ions which act as catalysts for oxidation. With an operational lifetime up to 50% greater than conventional thickeners, this long life grease can extend the life of bearings running at high speeds and high temperatures. The extended service temperature range of -22º F to 320º F and high speed factor of 500,000 nDm makes SumTech® EMB FG-150 the ideal lubricating grease for electric motor bearings designed to be lubricated for life. This exceptional grease is fully compatible with current polyurea thickened greases. 


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