Article-No: 340152 SYNTHETIC AIR TOOLS

Syngard synthetic air line lubricants are formulated from the highest quality, wax-free, synthesized hydrocarbon fluids available and fortified with an additive system designed for the most demanding air tool applications.  Syngard oils are available in both ISO 32 and ISO 68 viscosities to accommodate both small and large air tools.

The unique properties inherent in this synthetic air line lubricant make it especially effective in counteracting the moisture present in all compressed air.  The extremely low vapor pressure and excellent metal wetting property of Syngard oil’s allow them to outperform regular lubricants and significantly reduce lubricant consumption. When applied by an automated system, be sure to adjust your system to take advantage of Syngard oils reduced consumption capability.

•    Lower vapor pressure and unique metal wetting properties reduce lubricant consumption.
•    Moisture in the compressed air is emulsified to protect metal surfaces and prevent rust.
•    Enhanced extreme pressure properties protect tools from seizure and wear and provide good adherence to wet working surfaces.
•    Elimination of lubricant oxidation prevents lost time due to gumming and varnishing.
•    Proper atomization for good lubrication and control of fogging.
•    Extremely good low temperature properties to protect equipment in adverse weather conditions.


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