Food Grade Equipment Varnish Cleaner

Varnasolv FG is a lubrication system cleaner designed to remove varnish and sludge in equipment used in the food & beverage industry.  The use of petroleum lubricants in rotary screw compressors, rotary vane compressors and other high temperature equipment, results in varnish and carbon formation. The varnish and carbon deposited throughout the equipment can cause many serious operational problems, resulting in excessively high maintenance costs.

Varnasolv FG is built for food grade applications and is NSF P1 registered. This eliminates the need to run the compressor unloaded when flushing a unit in a food processing facility. Varnasolv FG reduces the problems caused by varnish and carbon. Using Varnasolv FG eliminates the need for disassembling the equipment for cleaning.

Varnasolv FG should be added to the existing lubricant at a 10% concentration to remove and suspend varnish while the equipment is running. For maximum benefit, use Varnasolv FG before each lubricant change.

Additional applications for Varnasolv FG include cleaning hydraulic systems,  and high temperature chains. Varnasolv FG can also be used for cleaning Heat Transfer systems with temperatures up to 400°F.

How to use Varnasolv FG:
Cleaning Hydrocarbon Deposits from Equipment
Initial Clean-Out Method
Add one gallon of Varnasolv FG concentrate to each ten gallons of oil in the unit, first draining enough oil to allow adding the Varnasolv FG. Continue to run the equipment for 20 to 40 hours, allowing the treated oil to disperse and suspend the varnish. To avoid redepositing the suspended contaminants, drain the oil while warm and replace filters.  Refill with new oil.


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